CrystaLac vs Epoxy.  A safe water based alternative to chemicals.

CrystaLac vs Epoxy for Tumblers

No Solvents In Product
Water Based ️️✅
Environmentally "Eco-Friendly"
No Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Required
 No Mixing Required - Use out of the can
No "Fish Eyes"
No Harmful Chemical Reactions
Safe to Use Indoors and Around Family
Less Bulky / Lighter Finished Tumbler
Most Clear Finish
Requires Heat or Torch
Can Be Used in Molds


The table above is a quick comparison of CrystaLac epoxy free water based products versus epoxy in creating custom tumblers and for informational purposes only.  Please do your own research and due diligence when choosing products to create your own projects.

This should not be considered an official or legally standing comparison of either of the product types and is based off information readily available from various publications, websites and manufacturer information.